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Improving worksite safety related to dropped objects

by GRIPPS Global 15 Dec 2023

According to Safe Work Australia, 15.1% of all serious claims in Australia in 2022 resulted from being struck by falling objects; the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 780,690 DART cases in the USA are due to contact with objects or equipment; and 11% of serious claims in Great Britain are due to being struck by a moving object, according to a 2023 HSE Annual Work-Related Statistics report

It is crucial for employers to prioritise dropped object prevention and conduct thorough risk assessments to identify potential hazards in the workplace.

To mitigate the risk of dropped objects, employers should ensure that workers are equipped with appropriate tools and equipment, such as tool tethering systems, to secure objects and reduce the likelihood of incidents.

Regular inspections and maintenance of equipment are essential to prevent failures that could lead to falling objects. GRIPPS® provides a unique range of encapsulation solutions and premium tool tethers to enhance safety measures.

In addition to using the right tools, implementing safety nets and barriers can serve as an additional layer of protection against falling objects. Proper training for employees on the importance of dropped object prevention and tool tethering is essential in reducing the risk of accidents.

External worksite audits conducted by impartial and expert auditors can provide valuable insights into tethering procedures and equipment. GRIPPS® offers worksite audits as a service, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge to ensure objective evaluations and recommendations for improvement.

At GRIPPS®, our commitment is to provide falling object prevention solutions that enhance safety across various industries. Our premium safety products act as the first line of defense in preventing dropped object incidents.

We understand the importance of working at heights smarter and safer, and our team is ready to assist you in achieving optimal safety measures.

Contact GRIPPS® today to explore how our expertise and premium safety solutions can contribute to a safer work environment. Your commitment to dropped object prevention aligns with our mission to empower industries with reliable tools and practices. Together, we can create a safer workplace for everyone.


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