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The GRIPPS Mule Bag – Works Wherever You Do

by Tom Allan 31 Aug 2020

GRIPPS is proud to offer our customers a revolution in tool transportation. Our redesigned and upgraded Mule Bag is the perfect choice for individuals in every role working at every kind of jobsite.

We rebuilt our Mule Bag from the ground up to be stronger, smarter and offer more features than ever before. Capable of being carried, worn as a backpack, or affixed to scaffolding or EWPs, or lifted by crane, it’s the perfect sidekick for scaffolders, window cleaners, lineworkers, telecommunications workers, and anyone else who needs safety and convenience when working at heights.

Wherever your job takes you, know that your tools are safely within reach with the GRIPPS Mule Bag.

Built for any & every day

No two days look the same on your jobsite – get a kit that reflects that.

From day one of redesigning the Mule Bag, we wanted to create something that was more versatile and multi-functional than anything on the market. We think we’ve nailed that.

But to work anywhere, it has to stand up to anything. To ensure that our new Mule Bag is ready for every environment, we’ve built it tougher than anything we’ve ever made before. Made from the toughest oil-repellent vinyl and protected with a strong composite insert in the base, it’s more than capable of standing up to life on even the roughest worksites. With a max load of 176lbs (80kg), it’s got more than enough carrying capacity for even the biggest jobs.

GRIPPS prides itself on designing products for tradies. We take the time to consult with you - the boots on the ground - to find out what you need to get the job done faster and safer. We listened to your feedback on our previous Mule Bag and – while you loved it – we heard you when you said it was a bit difficult to wear in confined spaces.

You’ve got a tough job, don’t make it harder by getting gear that just doesn’t work with your jobsite. To ensure that our kit helps you get the job done, we’ve reshaped the bag to be thinner and shallower, all without compromising carrying capacity or max load. Whether you’re scaling a building in a caged ladder or climbing into a tunnel or silo for maintenance, know that your Mule Bag will keep things safe, convenient and out of the way. It’s the go-anywhere, do-anything bag tradespeople need.

Brains and brawn

Our Mule Bag wasn’t just built tough – we designed it from the ground up with smarter features that make your job simpler and easier. A lockable top opening guards against accidental spills, while heavy tool sleeves keep your big boys secure and within easy reach.

The straps on both sides of the Mule Bag are fully compatible with all GRIPPS tool holsters, tethers and pouches, giving you absolute flexibility in how you customise and use your bag.

Inside the bag, more tether points and multiple compartments keep your entire toolkit safe, organised and accessible, while an armoured insert protects the wearer from puncture injuries when the Mule Bag is worn as a backpack. Reinforced mesh windows let light into the bag, making finding what you’re looking for easy – no more wasting time and nicking fingers hunting through your bag for the right tool.

Tough, flexible, versatile – just like you

Our new Mule Bag’s most valuable feature is just how many ways you can use it. The reinforced backpack straps allow the Mule Bag to be safely worn on the back without taking up a hand or throwing the wearer off balance, making it ideal for use at heights. The bag can also be safely carried in the hand or craned into position by the load-rated lifting straps, giving you real choice in how you transport your tools.

Once at your workstation, the integrated mounting straps allow the bag to be easily and safely affixed to scaffolding, the railing of an EWP, or any other horizontal structure. You and your team can then just pull tools out as required, making it a mobile workstation.  

With a broad range of transportation and work-site mounting options, it’s the perfect tool however and wherever you work.

Work safer & smarter with GRIPPS

Equip your team with the tools they need to succeed and consider the GRIPPS range for your business.

We know from close consultation with our partners in the industry and from our own studies of workplace health and safety statistics that the majority of injuries and fatalities resulting from dropped tools occur during transportation.

That’s why one of the first products released under our new branding is the Mule Bag – we’re working to make your workplace safer and we’re starting with the biggest area of risk.

Order yours today, or contact the GRIPPS team to learn more about our range and what we have on the horizon at

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