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Case Study: Worksite Audits

by GRIPPS Global 05 Jul 2024

Client Situation

The intent of the worksite audit was to benchmark the safety practices observed on site against the criteria contained in the GRIPPS® worksite audit checklist. Due to the worksites varying in size and complexity, the GRIPPS® auditor was not able to examine all areas where there was a potential for falling tool exposure. 

Key findings

  • Insufficient tool connection points for tool tethering.
  • Limited availability / access to tool tethers in the tool stores.
  • Knowledge gaps regarding correct tool tethering practices.
  • Absence of load-rated lifting/storage bags for securely tethering and storing tools and other objects with the potential to be dropped.
  • Lack of encapsulation solutions or drop mats.
  • Absence of basic PPE tethers for hard hats, mobile devices, and 2-way radios.

    Key Evaluation Areas

    • Administrative requirements
    • Training, risk management, and general requirements
    • Consultation, cooperation, and coordination
    • Safe work method statements / Risk assessments
    • Dropped Tool Prevention Program

      Assessment Results

      The worksite audit of the client’s tool stores had a non-compliant result, highlighting multiple areas where improvements can be made. 

      16 recommendations were made to the client, with engineered drop prevention solutions proposed to remedy non-compliance. 


      The client reviewed and accepted all recommendations, resulting in GRIPPS® rolling out all proposed engineered drop prevention solutions.


      For the purposes of this case study, no identifying customer information was included.
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