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Best practice – worksite drop prevention audits

by GRIPPS Global 03 Jul 2024

In the dynamic and fast-paced world of construction, maintenance, and industrial development, the importance of dropped object prevention cannot be overstated. Often overlooked is the proper management of tools and equipment to prevent accidents and injuries. Dropped objects present a persistent threat that can be mitigated through a robust safety practice – a worksite drop prevention audit. 

What is a worksite drop prevention audit?

A worksite drop prevention audit is essential for assessing risks associated with tasks performed at height, allowing you to proactively find and address potential hazards before they lead to incidents.

Businesses with a workforce that work at elevated heights must reduce the risk of falling objects through different safety measures. Implementing a dropped object prevention strategy in the first place is a notable change that ensures the safety of workers and enhances overall productivity and efficiency on the job. (X1 Safety, 2023).

GRIPPS®, through a range of engineered drop prevention solutions, is dedicated to eliminating critical risks and saving workers’ lives. As global leaders in tool tethering and drop prevention solutions, we collaborate closely with partners across a wide range of industry sectors to ensure that their workforce return home safely after each shift – relying on our engineered solutions.

Dropped objects can present a significant risk and cause severe injury or fatality to workers or members of the public. It is essential to ensure objects do not fall onto workers or other persons who may be under or next to the area and that control measures are implemented to eliminate or minimise the associated risks. (SafeWork NSW)

How can organisations better manage risks associated with dropped objects?

Organisations with workers working at heights must manage the risks associated with dropped objects if there is a reasonable likelihood of injury. The same considerations for preventing falls from heights should be applied to falling objects. This can be done through:

  • Eliminating the risk as far as reasonably practicable by designing it out of the construction process.
  • Minimising the risk if elimination is not reasonably practicable.
  • Developing a safe system of raising and lowering objects to prevent free-falling if prevention is not possible.
  • Removing or controlling hazards to prevent injury by providing overhead protection on mobile plant and installing secure barriers. (SafeWork NSW)

When it comes to workplace and worker safety, vigilance is the cornerstone of accident prevention. Dropped objects pose a constant threat, but this risk can be significantly reduced through a thorough worksite drop prevention audit. These worksites drop prevention audits play a crucial role in identifying potential hazards, evaluating existing preventive measures, and ensuring compliance with safety standards.

What are the benefits of conducting a worksite drop prevention audit?

The primary benefit of conducting a worksite drop prevention audit is enhancing the safety culture within an organisation and fostering good habits among workers. More reasons for conducting a safety audit include:

  • Identifying risks and hazards early and addressing them promptly
  • Demonstrating the organisation's commitment to worker health and safety
  • Ensuring compliance with relevant safety standards
  • Pinpointing areas for improvement in safety practices
  • Proposing and facilitating necessary improvements
  • Assessing the effectiveness of workers' use of safety programs and protocols.

Worksite drop prevention audits are a formidable tool in workplace safety. By uncovering hidden hazards, conducting comprehensive risk assessments, and reinforcing safety protocols, these audits pave the way for incident-free zones. Organisations should regularly evaluate their drop prevention strategies and safety practices to gauge their effectiveness and identify unaddressed risks.

Safety should always be a top priority. Workplace safety is complex and requires a comprehensive approach. It is easy to overlook certain risks, and a GRIPPS® Worksite Drop Prevention Audit is designed to thoroughly evaluate an organisation's drop prevention strategy and associated safety practices and make recommendations on how they can further enhance their safety culture.

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