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FAQ - Worksite Drop Prevention Audit

by GRIPPS Global 01 Jul 2024

Find out what a worksite audit is, why is it necessary, the functions of a worksite audit, and how to conduct a worksite audit within your organisation.

What is a worksite drop prevention audit?

A GRIPPS® worksite drop prevention audit is essential for assessing risks associated with tasks performed at height, allowing you to proactively identify and address potential hazards before they lead to incidents.

These audits gather critical information about an organisation’s height-related safety operations. Certified auditors will evaluate the work environment, equipment, and processes to assess efficiency, safety practices, and more.

Worksite drop prevention audits differ from typical health and safety audits. In these specialised audits, auditors must thoroughly review the organisation’s drop prevention strategy, identify issues and potential risks, and propose solutions to enhance the overall safety culture.

A comprehensive worksite drop prevention audit is vital. Auditors must meticulously examine every aspect to avoid overlooking potential problems that could arise later. By conducting these audits, organisations can uncover risks not identified during regular operations and implement measures to ensure worker safety.

Why perform a worksite drop prevention audit?

Depending on applicable regulations and industry standards, some industries may require different safety audits. Even in industries where safety audits are not mandatory, conducting worksite drop prevention audits remains a valuable practice for organisations to prevent incidents.

Organisations should regularly evaluate their drop prevention strategies and safety practices to gauge their effectiveness and identify unaddressed risks.

Safety should always be a top priority. Workplace safety is complex and requires a comprehensive approach. It's easy to overlook certain risks, and a safety audit is designed to thoroughly evaluate an organisation's safety practices and determine their current state.

What are the benefits of conducting worksite drop prevention audit?

The primary benefit of conducting a worksite drop prevention audit is enhancing the safety culture within an organisation and fostering good habits among workers. Additional reasons for conducting a safety audit include:

  • Identifying risks and hazards early and addressing them promptly
  • Demonstrating the organisation's commitment to worker health and safety
  • Ensuring compliance with relevant safety standards
  • Pinpointing areas for improvement in safety practices
  • Proposing and facilitating necessary improvements
  • Assessing the effectiveness of workers' use of safety programs and protocols.

    What are the functions of a worksite drop prevention audit?

    Organisations can choose to conduct their safety audits internally by building their own auditing teams. However, hiring an independent third-party, such as GRIPPS®, to conduct a worksite drop prevention audit is generally more effective. This approach saves time and ensures a non-biased audit.

    The primary goal of a worksite drop prevention audit is to keep workers out of immediate danger and unnecessary risk. Every industry has inherent risks and hazards that workers may face during operations.

    Some risks can be eliminated, while others can only be mitigated. The objective of a worksite drop prevention audit is to evaluate whether the organisation's drop prevention strategy and safety protocols are effectively achieving this goal. It assesses whether all risks are covered and if workers are adhering to the protocols while on the job.

    Additionally, worksite drop prevention audits help organisations design effective drop prevention strategies. A comprehensive audit identifies safety risks within the organisation, enabling the auditing team to propose solutions and methods to eliminate or mitigate these risks, thereby enhancing worker safety.

    Although most industries have their own mandatory safety requirements, a worksite drop prevention audit can determine whether the appropriate protocols are being followed to ensure the safety of workers at height and bystanders.

    What are the steps in conducting a worksite drop prevention audit?

    The exact elements and steps in conducting a worksite drop prevention audit may vary depending on the organisation, workers, industry, and other factors.

    However, here are some common steps involved in most worksite drop prevention audits: 


    The first step in conducting a worksite drop prevention audit involves thorough planning. This includes determining the audit team, defining the scope of the audit, and identifying which areas of the organisation the audit will target. This phase is crucial as it lays the foundation for the entire audit process.


    The next step is the execution of the audit according to the predetermined strategy. During this phase, auditors assess the current drop prevention strategies and safety practices, identifying any potential risks that may have previously gone unnoticed. It is essential for the audit team to meticulously follow the plan and ensure a comprehensive evaluation.

    Generating a report

    After gathering data, the audit team develops a detailed findings report. This report should be comprehensive and include all observations made during the audit, such as any violations, risks, and protocol deviations.

    Identifying corrective actions

    Based on the report, the audit team identifies potential solutions and corrective actions for the issues outlined. This part of the process must involve input and participation from the organisation, as they will be responsible for implementing the corrective actions.


    The final step is presenting the audit findings to management for review and action. This presentation ensures that the key stakeholders are informed and can take the necessary steps to address the identified issues.

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