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GRIPPS Lands in the USA

by Tom Allan 07 Sep 2020

Global leaders in tool drop prevention now have boots on the ground in America.


There has never been more of a global focus on the safety of workplaces than now. With Safety Managers busy containing new and emerging threats to workplace safety, there is a renewed focus to implement strategies that mitigate avoidable risks with proven and efficient solutions; and in partnership with P&I Supply, GRIPPS is now able to provide their globally recognized solutions to the U.S. market.

“By partnering with P&I, we’re not only ensuring that the GRIPPS range of tool tethering solutions have a solid presence in the U.S., but we can also be comfortable that the level of service and specialisation that GRIPPS is known for will be upheld,” says Toby Salisbury, Global Sales Manager of GRIPPS.

By focusing solely on the end user, GRIPPS has been able to make a range of innovative solutions engineered to suit specific tasks and trades. “Innovation is a key driving force behind what we do”, says Salisbury, “That ongoing dialogue with all industries who work at height, really digging into particular processes and tool application to make sure that our gear not only keeps tools and workers safe, but drives efficiencies on site too.”

With GRIPPS having over 13 years of experience in the dropped tool prevention industry, the fit was a natural one for P&I Supply. “We’re thrilled to be able to bring the GRIPPS product line to our customer base”, says Connor Stallings, VP Marketing & Supply Chain for P&I Supply, “It’s a brand that we’ve been consistently asked for by our end-users and one that we know will make a huge impact on all operations at height across America. We’re pleased to be able to expand our drop prevention product offering and we’re excited to pair GRIPPS’ products with P&I’s service and distribution capabilities, especially our ‘At Height’ programming.”

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