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GRIPPS Launches ‘GRIPPS Academy’ to Connect Industrial Workers World-Wide

by Adam Green 01 May 2022

Gripps creates an innovative premise for demonstrating drop prevention equipment and methods for those in safety-focused roles across industrials sectors.  
GRIPPS has now established the ‘GRIPPS Academy’ dedicated space for education and awareness of drop prevention equipment and methods. Based in Tullamarine, Australia the space was established because of the hard restrictions caused by Covid-19 lockdowns. Educating workers about the risks of dropped objects and how to mitigate those risks can pose a challenge at the best of times, even without lockdowns. When Covid-19 imposed on the normal routines of travel between cities and even countries, GRIPPS required a new way to engage and demonstrate their range of world-class drop prevention equipment. 
After much brainstorming internally at GRIPPS headquarters, the ‘GRIPPS Academy’ was born. The room contains the entire GRIPPS product range, which enables staff to easily demonstrate equipment with the use of various tools whilst being on video conference calls. This has helped the GRIPPS team establish closer relationships with their customers throughout the Covid pandemic and is still an extremely helpful space today. With far fewer Melbourne restrictions, now GRIPPS can even open doors to the academy for any interested parties. In fact, GRIPPS staff invite anyone to discover their range of innovative tethers/lanyards, connectors, tool attachments, anchors and tool bags.  
With 9% of worker fatalities in Australia throughout 2020 caused by falling objects, dropped objects remain a significant issue for workers across the country. Other countries across the globe also face similar challenges with fatal incidents on worksites because of falling objects. The functionality and convenience of the GRIPPS Academy really do help bring an edge to GRIPPS in the business of tool tethering over its competitors.  
"This enhances how we as Drop Prevention Consultants, can demonstrate our products to those who need them most whilst eliminating the need for demonstrating on-site first-hand. Naturally, we love to visit various worksites and projects as often as we can, but due to the nature of the industries we serve, there are limitations at times,” said Toby Salisbury, Sales Director at GRIPPS.  

Anyone interested in drop prevention solutions can request a free one-to-one discovery session online or in-person with GRIPPS. Interested readers can complete the form below or contact Details on GRIPPS' full range can be found here.  

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